On Windows 10, if you ever wrote an email or document, you know how inconvenient can be to remember the Alt key codes or having to search online to insert symbols (such as em dash, more than and less than, arrows, etc.) into your text or social media post.

Windows 10 has updated the emoji panel to include emojis, symbols and kaomoji (face characters), so you no longer have to remember Alt key codes or use extra steps.

In this guide, you’ll learn the easy steps to insert emojis, symbols and kaomoji into your documents, text files, emails, and social media posts on Windows 10 using Keyboard Shortcut.

To insert symbols or kaomoji on Windows 10, follow the four simple steps:

Step 1: Put the cursor in any text field you’d like to insert an emoji. This could be Microsoft Word, Chrome, or Notepad app.

Step 2: Press the WIN + . (full stop) keyboard shortcut, or else the WIN + ; (semicolon). Either will open an emoji picker over the text field.

Step 3: Emoji are divided into several categories: smiley faces and animals, people, celebrations and objects, food and plants, transportation and places, symbols.

Step 4: You can pick a category from the bottom row and click any emoji to insert it.