The Heavy Dollar Sign emoji 💲 means money, mula, guap, cash, dollar, currency or dollar bills. It is generally used to refer to wealth, money or valuable things. 💲 Heavy Dollar Sign can mean “I need some money.” or “This is quite expensive.” if several heavy dollar signs emojis are mention.

Of course, we all know the heavy dollar sign emoji comes from the symbol meaning dollars 💲. That symbol came from the abbreviation used for Spanish pesos in financial documents. This $ sign is used by English speakers doing business with Spanish-Americans in the 1770s.

Dollar Signs
Dollar Sign Emoji

The emoji version of the money-related symbol was approved by the Unicode Consortium in 2010. Emoji such as the banknote with the dollar sign, the banknote with the euro sign, and yen with the banknote.

Everyone is familiar with this $ with a line drawn straight down its centre, though the colour varies across platforms. It’s green in Google and Microsoft and gold in Samsung, but there is no mistaking this is the sign for cash money.