Bitmoji has been a part of Snp Inc. and an exciting element in Snapchat for a while. Snapchat is set to increase the reach and popularity of the personalized emoji maker app by launching a full-motion cartoon series named Bitmoji TV after several reports and speculations. It will be released worldwide with a cartoon show in February 2020.

In 2016, Snap acquired Bitstrips, Bitmoji’s parent company, and the stand-alone app, Bitmoji became a significant part of the’ Explore’ section of Snapchat. Although it’s an excellent app that allows users to create their emoji avatar, it didn’t turn around as planned by Snap. In comparison, Snapchat’s success over the past few years has been threatened by the skyrocketing popularity of Instagram stories and IGTV. Nonetheless, in 2019, Snap was able to capture static users, especially teenagers. Bitmoji TV’s arrival will leverage Snap’s growth.

Adding the ‘Explore’ segment to the Snapchat was a significant step from a pure chatbox to the web. Bitmoji’s incorporation also expanded the scope. However, according to experts, the emoji platform was not used efficiently by the messaging app. The company’s new move primarily supports Bitmoji’s interest.

Snap did not reveal much about the new step, but in February 2020, it agreed to unveil Bitmoji TV. Within Discover, users can download or access it. It’s fun to see how it’s going to be as an introductory video is out.

Your’ avatars’ will be its show protagonists. The series creators will add your emojis to be characters rather than creating new emojis. This extraordinary idea will also help attract a massive number of users. Currently, most of the users post their avatars and using as clickbait.

Many are expected to look at wrong and meaningless material for the same reason. The Bitmoji TV series will provide the website with more quality content. The series will receive more promotion in the case of marketing as the avatars of users are part of it. It will also be an excellent opportunity for creatives to be more successful in showcasing their avatar collection.