These are the ten most popular emoji, including ‘tears of joy’ and ‘red heart’

1. Face With Tears of Joy 😂

Yes, crying with joyful laughter is the top. It’s great for nearly every situation – I’ve just locked myself out! I just heard a great joke! My dog has pooped on the carpet… AGAIN!

Not only can crying with laughter signify traditional humour, but it can also help you laugh at literally anything.

2. Loudly Crying Face 😭

Quite the opposite with crying with laughter is crying with sadness. The sobbing emoji is at number.

Fun fact: Both men and women have the sobbing emoji as their number 2 – don’t listen when people say boys don’t cry.

3. Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes 😍

Heart eyes kick off a whole string of love-themed emojis in the top 10.

“Beautiful” and “cute” are the most common words to appear alongside this emoji.

4. Red Heart ❤️

The heart emoji, the most prominent symbol of love, is in at number 4.

Doesn’t it make you feel fuzzy inside?

5. Backhand Index Pointing Right 👉

The point emoji is a fairly surprising one – it’s not particularly emotional like the rest of the top 10.

It’s often used to highlight particular links in tweets.

6. Purple Heart 💜

The purple heart emoji is particularly popular with BTS fans, and the group’s official account tweets it fairly often.

7. Two Hearts 💕

Next in the succession of heart emojis is the double heart.

Sometimes it appears red, and sometimes pink, but it’s always two hearts together. How sweet!

“Happy” is the most common word used in association with the double heart emoji.

8. Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes 😊

The blushing smiley face is a great way to accept a compliment or to say that you’re feeling loved, or perhaps to tell people that you’re both happy and warm.

According to the top words used alongside this emoji, it’s popular when talking about good times and birthdays.

9. Thinking Face 🤔

The thinking face will often follow a question or simply express confusion.

It’s often used in regard to political events, with “Trump” and “Democrats” used often along with it.

10. Folded Hands 🙏

Praying hands, or maybe thanking hands,squeeze in at number 10.

“Love,” “good,” and “family” are all common words associated with it, and it’s often used to show gratitude.